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UAW Local 160 2015 Calendar
GM Total 1590   3rd party Total 299
Engineering 780   Permanent 228
Eng. Temps 12   Temporary  
SSO's 87   Temp Skilled 62
SSO Temps 141    Skilled Helpers 3
Materials 184    Skilled Maint 6
Materials Temps 43      
Apprentices 56      
Maintenance & Facilities 287      
All totals are approximate as of November 18, 2014
Upcoming Events


08/27/15    STRIKE VOTE POLLS OPEN 5:00 AM

                     POLLS CLOSE 12:AM (MIDNIGHT)             

09/07/15    LABOR DAY PARADE 9:00AM TO 11:00AM
09/07/15    LABORFEST 2015 9:30AM TO 1:00PM
09/10/15    GM UNIT MEETINGS 1:30 & 3:00 PM
                       70'S NIGHT

09/24/15    3rd PARTY UNIT MEETINGS                 
                       1:30 & 3:00 PM

                       10:00 AM
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Labor Day Parade

Notice of Passing-Achiel Viaene
Retired 2007-Design

16th Annual Veterans
Car Show

Women's Committee Presents
70's Night

Women's Committee
Breast Cancer Awareness
Fund Raiser

Picnic Raffle Prize Winners

Strike Vote Notice

VP Run-Off Results

Notice of Passing-Nancy Marie Kapushinski
Wife of Active Member
Christopher Kapushinski
AI at GA

Election Results for VP and Guide

Women' Committee Meeting

Candidate Posting for
VP and Guide

Notice of Passing-Patrick Faubert
Retired 1993-Parts Fab

Volunteers Needed For Picnic
Call or Sign Up at Local

Notice of Passing-Harold Edwain Wilson
Retired 2009-Powertrain

Notice of Passing-Jessie Lee Johnson
Mother of James Johnson
Aramark Maintenance

Notice of Passing-Charles Edward Williams
Father of Tia williams
SSO at PPO North

Notice of Passing-Herbert J Fleischer
Retired 1992-Design

Notice of Passing-Nicole Leigh Holmes
Daughter of Ben Garrison
MMM at PPO North

Notice of Passing-Paul D Spudowski
Retired 2015-Design

UAW Local 160 Family Picnic

UAW Local 160
Daryl Henson Scholarship Winner

UAW Local 160/WTC
Employee Car Show

Nominations Open For Local 160
Executive Officers

Women's Commttee Meeting

Notice of Passing - Robert L Carruthers
Retired 2009 - South Campus

Notice of Passing - John Isadore Sarcona
Retired 1989 - Design
Father of Thomas Sarcona
Metal Model Maker - MTS

Notice of Passing - Richard Del Papa
Son of Retiree - Richard Del Papa Sr.

Notice of Passing - Charles Plummer Jr.
Retired 2009 - Site Operations

Financial Secretary/Treasurer
Run-Off Election results

Notice of Passing - Robert J (Bob) Brinker
UAW Local 160 Vice President
Active Pipefitter at South Campus

Executive Officers Election Results

Notice of Passing - Patrick G Monahan
Retired 2001 - Powertrain

Notice of Passing - Rev. Ronald P Kelley
Retired 2
004 - Engineering

Memorial Notice - Julius Ochtinsky
Retired 1991 - Fisher Body

Notice of Passing - Kenneth R Wizinsky
Retired 1988 - Design

Funeral Notice - Annie Pearl Jones
Mother of Active Member Clementine Jones

Funeral Notice - Raymond Lee
Retired 1993 - MCD Headqua

Notice of Passing - Elnora Josey
Design - Retired Oct. 2003

Funeral Notice - Walter Kordella
Retired 1991 - MCD Headquarters

UAW GM Retirees
Website for Retiree Info and Discounts

Black Lake Campground Information

Retiree Benefits Information


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