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UAW Local 160 2015 Calendar
GM Total 1573   3rd party Total 245
Engineering 797   Permanent 233
Eng. Temps 9   Temporary  
SSO's 173   Temp Skilled  
SSO Temps 41    Skilled Helpers 6
Materials 179    Skilled Maint 6
Materials Temps 20      
Apprentices 77      
Maintenance & Facilities 277      
All totals are approximate as of Deceber 17,2015 
Upcoming Events
02/11/16      GM UNIT MEETINGS                          @1&3 PM        
02/17/16         RETIREES MEETING@                     
02/17/16         WOMENS COMMITTEE
                         MEETING @ 3PM
02/20/16         BLACK HISTORY EVENT
                         6PM to 1AM
02/25/16         3RD PARTY UNIT
                         MEETINGS @ 2&3PM
02/28/16         GENERAL MEMBERSHIP                    
                         MEETING @ 10AM

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